Texas-Style Excellence: Get Your Home Painted with a Lone Star Guarantee!

Howdy! Over here at Guaranteed Painting, we take pride in offering the best paint warranties this side of the Rio Grande. Whether your homestead is in the heart of the city or out on the range, we’ve got your back with our silver, gold, and platinum warranty plans. That’s our Texan promise to keep your investment purtier than a bluebonnet in spring.

Known far and wide for our top-notch painting services, we’re dead set on making sure every customer is incredibly happy and absolutely satisfied when we complete a job —both when we pack up our brushes and for years down the road. We stand tall behind our work, y’all, and that means offering warranties that last 5, 7, and even 10 years. Yep, you heard right—our 10-year warranty is the best of the best, ensuring your paint stays as tough and vibrant as the day we finished.

Now, we know a thing or two about the harsh Texas weather beating down on your home, and our warranties are forged to offer peace of mind against the elements. If your paint starts actin’ up—peeling, blistering, or chipping—due to any slip-up on our part, just give us a holler. We’ll send our best hands to fix it up quick, at no extra charge to you (Just so you know, Fading isn’t covered, but wqe doubt you’ll have much concern about that).

Picking Guaranteed Painting isn’t just about slapping some color on your walls; it’s about trusting a team that cares deeply about keeping your home looking great for the long haul. Our warranties aren’t just paperwork—they’re our pledge to you, ensuring your home shines bright in the Lone Star State. Y’all ready to give your place the protection it deserves? Let’s paint a picture together that’s sure to be as enduring as Texas itself!


SuperPaint exterior 5 year warranty

Silver Package – 5-Year Warranty

Our SILVER package includes a 5-year warranty on the exterior of your home. To be able to offer a longer warranty we will upgrade your exterior paint to a higher quality 100% acrylic paint from Sherwin-Williams. When properly applied, this paint has an approximate life of 7-9 years* before your home will need to be repainted again. This package is a great option if you are not planning on moving for the next 7-8 years. Upgrading to our SILVER package will save the average homeowner $88 per year on an annualized basis.

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Gold Package – 7-Year Warranty

Our GOLD package is tailored for those who value longevity – if selling isn’t on your horizon for the next 10 years, this is your optimal choice. With a robust 7 year warranty, you’ll enjoy unmatched peace of mind. Experience the Radiance of Sherwin-Williams Latitude Paints! Elevate your property’s allure with paint that effortlessly endures even the most annual savings for the average homeowner, far surpassing the more economical options

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Platinum Package – 10-Year Warranty

Our PLATINUM package is hands down the best warranty option in Nevada, we will warranty your paint job for a full 10 years! We recommend the PLATINUM package if you don’t plan on selling in the foreseeable future. We will upgrade your paint to Sherwin-Williams Duration paints. It is a self-priming product and dries at nearly 2x the thickness of the paints in our 5 Year SILVER warranty package. Upgrading your paint project to our PLATINUM package will save the average homeowner nearly $189 per year versus going with the less expensive option.

Quality You Can Trust

Down here at Guaranteed Painting, we're settin' the gold standard for customer satisfaction with every brush stroke we lay down. We get that your place ain’t just four walls—it’s a big-time investment. That’s why we’re proud to offer wallet-friendly warranty options that’ll keep your paint lookin’ fresh and fine for years to come. Choose us for that peace of mind and a steadfast commitment to quality that lasts way past the last drop of paint. Y’all can trust us to do right by your home!

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