Choosing the right paint colors to represent your business is a big decision and there are many factors to take into consideration.

At The Painting Company, we know how important it is to give your business a professional appearance that will impress your customers. Whether the exterior paint needs a refresh, or you are giving the interior a fresh look, our team shares their expert tips to consider when painting your commercial building.

Exterior Paint Color Selection

Selecting the exterior paint for your building can be tricky. There are several considerations to weigh, including size, architecture, and area surroundings.

Size Up Your Building

Consider the magnitude of the building when selecting your paint colors. Given that most commercial buildings are very large, your color selection must take that into consideration. If you want your commercial building to have a professional and approachable appearance, consider a neutral palette. Neutral colors will give your building a timeless and sophisticated look and blend in easily with its surroundings.

Analyze the Architecture

The style of your building will offer some clues to help you select the right color. Craftsman, Tudor, Art Deco, Industrial—each of these building styles have a distinct flavor that lends itself toward particular colors. For a classic look, choose colors that are appropriate for the architecture of the building.

Look at Your Surroundings

Take a look around, notice the landscaping, other buildings in the area, the size of your lot and existing parking, driveways, and walkways when selecting the color for your building.

Some colors may make an obtrusive building blend more easily into the landscape, while others will allow your business to pop so your customers notice you. Consider the colors you cannot change—other buildings, concrete, stone or asphalt driveways and walkways near your business—and select a color that will complement the existing designs.

Interior Paint Color Selection

When it comes to painting the interior of your commercial building, your color selection will depend on the atmosphere you wish to create for your staff and clientele.


Blue is a popular color for commercial spaces for a good reason. It’s a calming color that also inspires productivity. Use blue in medical offices or in any space where people may feel nervous.


Greens impart a punch of positive energy into any space that can also put your team and clients at ease. It is a popular selection in retail spaces and office conference rooms.


A neutral color that goes anywhere from lobbies to offices, white sets you up with a clean slate to set off your décor. And white isn’t just white, there are various shades to choose from that include hints of gray, blue, purple or gold.


Proceed with caution, but don’t avoid orange altogether. If your business is one of creativity, a bright colorful orange accent wall may provide just the vibe your team needs to keep their ideas flowing all day long.


If a touch of dramatic sophistication is appropriate for your commercial space, purple may be an effective color to set the tone. Indulgent and rich, purple does well in boutique retail shops, hotel lobbies, and casinos or clubs.

Commercial Building Preparations

When preparing for your commercial building painting project, there are many more things to consider than color. The success of your painting job will depend on how well the surfaces are prepared for painting.

Power Washing

Dirt, debris, and mildew will need to be removed from the exterior of your building to create a clean surface that the paint will adhere to.


After the surfaces have been power washed, any remaining loose paint will need to be scraped away.


Areas around windows and doors and any others that might let moisture in will need to be inspected and caulked, as necessary, to provide a watertight barrier.


The key to any paint job is a quality primer. Primer creates a smooth base that helps the paint adhere, extending the lifespan of your paint.

Your decision to paint your commercial building comes with many more decisions. Not only will you need to select the appropriate color for the exterior, considering the size and architecture of the building and its surroundings, but it is also a good time to consider interior paint colors, as well. The color of your interior spaces will need to be conducive to the vibe of your team and clientele to convey the appropriate tone of your business.

When selecting a contractor for painting your commercial building, look for someone who will come to your aid in selecting colors and take the time to properly prepare your building for painting, including power washing, scraping, caulking, and priming.

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